Fighter (격투가)

Class Description

The Fighter is your common martial-arts character opting for close hand-to-hand combat to vanquish enemies.
This Class can promote to one of three advanced jobs at level 25.


Fighters equip themselves with:

  • Medium Armor


  • Gloves (글러브)
  • Gauntlet (건틀렛)
  • Claw (클로)
  • Chakram (권)

Advanced Jobs

Uses grapples and typical wrestler-style such as an elbow drop or drop kick. Weapon of choice is the Gauntlet.

Mutuga (우투가)
Possesses a wide range of juggle tactics including a shoryuken-style move. Weapon of choice is the gloves.

Taoist (두술가)
Masters the spiritual side of martial-arts, using hadokens and moves similar to Tae-Kwon-Do manuevers. Weapon of choice is the Chakram.

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