Job Change Quest Line


This is the quests you have to do in order to job change into a specialized class.
These quests appear purple.
Here are the classes you can be once you are Lv.25

The Classes

Warriors(전사) can be:

Fighters(격투가) can be:

Magicians(마범사) can be:

The Quests

When you get the quest, you have to do a solo run of Kunrun Park. This is the intro quest. You can get the quest from Morta, the purple-haired npc in Sewer.
You then turn it in to Kaius. Don't worry, Kaius will help you throughout the whole map. When you finish this quest, turn in it at the npc that came with you on your run. He can be found on the lower level of Central Gateway.

He will give you 3 quests to choose from. These are for your job change. Match up the name of the job you want to change into to what's shown ingame. i.e. Pretend you were a mage and you finished the intro quest. Kaius gives you 3 quests. They are purple and say 전직 - (Job Name) 1 . Since you are a mage, you could only pick from Arcmage, Warlock, or Sorceror. Since you want to be a Sorceror, you pick the one that says 전직 - 소서러 1 .
Once you start the quest you can not choose another. These are the quests in order to job change. There is only 4 quests to do and is very wise to do with a party. All job quests are the same for all job classes.

1.Kunrun Park on Hard mode. S rank is needed

2.Distorted Area on Hard. Take less or equal to 15 hits.

3.Clear Banquet Hall within 15 minutes.

4.Get a Drop from the boss in The Abandoned Temple Lower Floor. Any mode can be done.

Congratulations! You have now Jobchanged! Have Fun! =D

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