Magician (마범사)

Class Description

The Magician is your basic magic caster that nukes and destroys, leaving a grin on his or her face.
This Class can promote to one of three advanced jobs at level 25.


Magicians equip themselves with:

  • Light Armor


  • Staff (지팡이)
  • Wand (완드)
  • Rod (오브)
  • Book (매직복)

Advanced Jobs

Arcmage(아크 메이지)
Uses Ice and Fire element to spell out the enemies doom, frozen or burned. Weapon of Choice is the Book.

Warlock(흑 마범사)
Possesses Death and Dark Energy to consume the enemy in the darkness. Weapon of Choice is the Rod.

Masters of Lightning and Buffs, this class uses its buffs to make it temporarily stronger than usual. Weapon of choice is the Staff.

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