Wrestler (레슬러)


grapple.jpg Judo Slam Default Skill
Throws the Enemy
Super Armor Break
Guard Break
critrate.jpg Fatal Level 5
Crit rate increases by 1% and 1% per level subsequently.
elbowdrop.jpg Elbow Drop Level 10
200% dmg inceases by 11% per level.
debuff.jpg Weak Spot Level 15
Debuff that lasts 10 seconds
Evasion Debuff - can be stacked.
6.0% Chance to proc increases by 2.6% per level
steelskin.jpg Steel Skin Level 20
Reduces physical damage by 1% increases by 1% per level
dropkick.jpg Drop Kick Level 25
Dropkicks your enemy
348% dmg increases by 20% per level
10% chance to stun for 3 seconds which increases by 10% per level
grabany.jpg Bear Strength Level 30
Able to grab previously ungrabable mobs
200% dmg increases by 11% per level
groundnpound.jpg Ground N Pound Level 35
Grabs the enemy on the floor and delivers aoe punches
300% dmg increases by 16% per level
Super armor break
Guard break
groundn.jpg Power Bomb Level 40
Contradictory to its name, your character will pound the ground with a destructive wave to follow. Hits twice.
Per level cooldown goes down by a second
100% dmg which increases by 5% per level.
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